Interview with Robi
   05/06/2017 17:36:00     #nervfamily
Interview with Robi


About Robi:

Robi is perhaps the most talented lognboarder from Romania. He's from Brasov, he loves adrenaline and extreme sports. This is why he developed a passion for longboarding, in the summer of 2012. Not long after, he decided that it's the sport where he can put in all of his passion and in which he wants to get to the top. Robi prefers all styles of longboarding. Sliding and downhill is where he gets his adrenaline and cruising relaxes him. Being based in Brasov allows him to take advantage of the surrounding hillscape and actual layout of the city where even a ride to a store can become a a complex ride. What he likes about longboarding is the possibility to reach faster speeds thatn skateboarding.

In the future, Robi would like to promote this sport further in Romania and be able to take part in many contests and earn a lot of awards.

For Robi, riding means living your life to the max, it means passion, dedication, strength and the opportunity to have another family that many can find in the word "team".


First place – Urban Surfers Bucuresti – Sliding

NERV with Robi:

NERV started working with Robi in 2013, after a contest. We liked how fast he made a name for himself and his free spirit, and he liked the NERV attitude.

Why does Robi wear NERV? Because it suits his attutide and lifestyle!

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