NERV was founded at the beginning of 2013 from the desire to change something in the romanian streetwear industry and to market quality clothing products

The brand was formed around a young team with different specializations and epxertize but with a common vision that has defined in time what NERV is now, giving it attitude through music, art, sport and the free lifestyle that they wanted.

The concept of creating a brand that represents the ideals of their generations came naturally. Besides the desire to offer anyone like them a clothing brand that they can identify with, they also looked to keep production locally in order to closely control quality and details.

From the beginning NERV has supported artists from all facets of underground music in Romania as well as various atheletes (skateboard, bike and snowboard).

In closing, the brand is created with internal resources, time and finances. Without the intervation of external investors, its direction will always remain the same. As such, NERV is and will always be free!

NERV Mission Statement

NERV. One more step to freedom.

Our mission statement is to make NERV customers feel like we do every time when we wear our products. As soon as they put on a NERV product, they should feel closer to freedom. Every product should convey this freedom, even if symbolic.

If someone is stuck in school but is waiting to ride their board home; if someone is on the slope but is attending an event in the evening; if someone is in a meeting but is thinking about next weekend's trip then NERV is for them, providing moral and material support for all occasions.

When someone is wearing NERV they are closer to their version of freedom.