Accessing, viewing and buying products from the NERV website automatically implies accepting the following terms:

Content and Copyright

NERV owns the whole content presented on this website and makes continuous efforts to keep the information accurate. In extreme cases innacurracies such as modifying prices for one ore more products may appear, as well as some operation errors.
All images of products are considered to be informative and may feature accessories that are not included in the listed price.
We are not liable for situations that arise from software errors or any technical issues that the servers may experience. Examples including but not limited to: incorrect prices, products that appear to be in stock but are not available. We rezerve the right to cancel any order that may be affected by these errors. These issues will be resolved in private with the customer in order to provide the best outcome for both parties.
Any promotion appearing on the website is limited to the available stock.

Customer's Obligations

The customer agrees to use the NERV website respecting the laws of the EU.
The customer agrees to offer real and up to date information about themselves in order to ensure an orders' desired outcome. Additionally the customer agrees that NERV is not responsible for any issue that arises due to incorrect data provided.
The customer agrees to use adequate and polite language while dealing with customer service and the personel of the delivery providers. Otherwise, the right to use the website will be revoked and any active orders (if any) will be canceled. NERV reserves the right to completely stop any kinds of communication with any customer that will not respect this clause and to stop all efforts to resolve the issues with that customer.
The customer agrees to work with the delivery service providers and understands that NERV is not responsible of the delivery process in absolutely any way. This includes but is not limited to (delayed delivery, lack of notifications, broken packages, and so on...). These issues will be resolved in private and NERV will attempt to assist in negotiationg with the delivery provider but does not guarantee a solution.

NERV's Obligations

NERV agrees to delivery orders created on the site in the shortest time possible
NERV agreees to not share any personal information about customers. This includeds personal information, any communications with customers and other data that the customer may own.
NERV agrees to resolve any issue generated when using the website in ways that are advantageous for both parties. These actions may include exchanging broken products with identical ones, or based on stock, replacing with a similar product or offering various deals.


Any attempt to access personal data of other users, to modify in any way the content of the website or to affect the performance of the servers will be considered fraud and will be immediately reported to the authorities in order to start a legal suit against those that have perpetrated such acts. Any attempt to manipulate the code in order to obtain private information or to place invalid orders will also be considered fraud and dealt with appropriately.

Final Statements

NERV reserves the right to perform changes to these clauses and also changes to the structure and contents of the website, withouth the obligation to let this fact be known.
If any of these clauses will be found invalid, regardless of reason, this clause will not affect the validity of the other clauses.
For any information not listed here, please contact us at the email address: