1. The team here at NERV is comited to safeguarding the privacy of our customers and website users. 
  2. This policy applies where we are acting as a data controller with respect to the personal data of our customers and website users.
  3. We use cookies on our website. Visiting the website implies accepting these cookies, see cookie usage for more information. 
  4. In this document the words "we", "us" or "our" will refer to NERV.

What is personal data and how we use it.

  1. In this section we define the general categories of personal data that we may process, the source of data that we are not receiving directly from users and the purposes of processing this data.
  2. The data defined below will be referred to as "personal data" during the rest of this document.
  3. We may process usage data. The usage data may include the customers IP address, geographical location, browser type and version, operating system, referral source, length of visit, page views and website navigation paths, as well as information about the timing, frequency and pattern of your service use. The source of usage data is Google Analytics. The reason for collecting usage data is to get a better idea of our customers in order to see how our services fare in order to provide better services and products for our customers.
  4. We may process account data. Account data may include the customers name and email address. The account data may be processed for the purposes of operating our website and ensuring the security of our website.
  5. We may process profile data. Profile data may include the customers name, address, telephone number, meail address, gender, date of birth. The profile data may be processed for sending orders to our customers.
  6. We may process enquiry data. Enquiry data may include any communication that you submit to us regarding our goods and services. The enquiry data may be processed to answer questions, build profiles and furthering our services for our customers. 
  7. We may process transaction data. Transaction data may include customer order information. We do not process any type of card information. 
  8. We may process notification data. Notification data may include email address or social media profiles. We process notification data in order to get in touch with our customers, provide offers and offer notifications.

Providing personal data to third parties

  1. We may disclose the personal data detailed above to our team in order to allow them to provide our services. That is, being able to deliver orders to our customers.
  2. We may disclose personal data to the shipping companies we employ or to the Romanian Post Office, in order to be able to fulfill our orders.
  3. We may disclose personal data to Mailchimp, our email service provider.
  4. In addition to the specific disclosures of personal data defined in this section we may disclose customers personal data at times where we ar forced to do so in compliance with a legal obligation we fall under. Additionally, we may disclose personal data in order to exercise defense of any legal claims that may arise. 

International transfers of personal data 

  1. This section defines circumstances in which personal data may be transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area.
  2. The hosting facilities of our website are situated in Romania. Our hosting provider is called MxHost. All our database back-ups are performed on their servers, thus, personal data in our database (including the live production database) fall under the protections implemented by them.
  3. NERV cannot be responsible for any breach of security the hoster may suffer, however, users will be notified if any issue arises according to European law.

Retaining and deleting personal data

  1. This section defines our data retention policies and procedures, which are designed to help ensure that we comply with our legal obligations related to storing and deleting personal data.
  2. Personal data that we process for any of the purposes previously defined shall not be kept for longer than is necessary for the purposes defined or any other purpose.
  3. We will retain personal data for a minimum of one week and for a maximum of ten years. 
  4. In some cases it cannot be realistic to specify in advanced the periods for which personal data will be retained. In such cases, we will state that the data in question will be retained until NERV no longer operates or has been acquired by a third party. 
  5. Notwithstanding the other paragraphs of this section, we may retain personal data where such retention is necessary for compliance to a legal obligation that we are subject to. Additionally we may retain personal data in order to exercise defense of any legal claims that may arise.


  1. We may update this privacy policy from time to time based on our or legal needs by publishing a new version on the NERV website.
  2. We may notify users about these changes to the best of our abilities, via newsletters, blog posts or social media. 
  3. In addition to the paragraphs of this section customers may still need to visit this document since it is not reasonable to assume the previous paragraph can notify the whole user base.

Customers rights

  1. This section summarizes the rights our customers have under data protection laws currently in effect. 
  2. The main rights customers have are the right to access, to rectify, to erase, to restrict or object to processing, to portability, to complain to a supervisory authority and to withdraw consent.
  3. Customers have the right to confirmation as to whether the data is processed, in which cases it is processed together with certain additional information. Additional information that may include details of the purposes of the processing, the cateogires of personal data concerened and the recipiens of the personal data.
  4. Customers have the right to have any inaccurate personal data be rectified or completed.
  5. While customers have the aforementioned rights, they also acknowledge that objecting or withdrawing consent to some processing may result in their orders not being fulfilled or their posibility to access the NERV website may be hindered or stoped altogether. 
  6. In some circumstances customers have the right of erasure without undue delay. At this time customers can contact us for erasure. At the same time, customers also acknowledge that erasing data will also cancel any pending orders without any notification.
  7. In some circumstances customers have the right to restrict the processing of personal data. Circumstances such as incorrect data or processing was deemed unlawful. At the same time, customers also acknowledge that restricting data processing may not allow NERV to offer our services to that particular customer. 
  8. Customers have the right to object data processing for direct marketing purposes. Customers making such objections will cease to be targets for that particular marketing strategy. 


  1. A cookie is a piece of information sent by a web server to a web browser that subsequently stores it. This information is sent back to the server each time the browser makes a request to that server. 
  2. Cookies may be persistent or session cookies. A persistent cookie will be stored by a browser and remain valid until its expiry date unless deleted by the user or the server before that expiry. A session cookie will expire at the end of an user session: when the browser is closed. 
  3. Cookies do not typically contain information that personally identifies a user but personal information that we store may be linked to information stored and obtained from cookies.

Cookies the NERV website uses

  1. At this time the NERV website uses authentication (identify a customer) status (determine whether or not a customer is logged in) and security (protect a logged in users' session). These are critical to the operation of our website, as such, by accessing this website the customer agrees with storing these cookies.
  2. The site uses a cookie to store a value used to determine if the user has dismissed the notification bar which offers information about the EU cookie law and about this privacy policy.

Cookies used by our service providers

  1. Click here to find out more about the cookies that Google Analytics uses.

Third parties NERV works with 

  1. The following is a list of third parties that may receive personal data
  2. Mailchimp: importing our newsletter customers (customers that have expressed direct consent to receive our newseletter).
  3. Google Analytics: used to beter determine our user base and improve our services. The service provides an option to anonymize IP addresses which we use in order to comply with EU law. Similarly, no Google user IDs are tracked.
  4. MxHost: hosting, database hosting and back-ups.
  5. The following shipping companies: Fan Courier, Urgent Cargus and to some extent the Romanian Post Office.
  6. Even though NERV cannot be responsible for any breach of security any of these third parties may suffer, users will be notified should it happen and all the appropriate measures will be taken in order to minimize data loss.