Interview with Radu Mirancea
   21/05/2016 14:36:00     #nervfamily
Interview with Radu Mirancea

Radu Mirancea 

About Radu:

Radu is one of the talented skaters from Brasov. His passion for skate was born 7 years ago. He started learning as much as he could from his friends that were already skating, but after he got a taste for it, he started to experiment different things. Now, this is more than a passion for him. It's a sport in which he desires to go the distance and spend his whole time in.

Radu would like to see skating develop more as a recognized sport in Romanie and thus, practice it in better and better circumstances.

NERV and Radu Mirancea:

We started working with Radu three years ago. We wanted to help him because we felt he was like us. He wanted to revolutionze skateboarding in Romania. Why does Radu wear NERV? Because it suits him! Because he has NERV!