Interview with Satellites
   02/01/2017 18:38:00     #nervfamily
Interview with Satellites


About Satellites:

Satellites, Cosmin (lead vocal, guitar) and Chap (drums) may well be the coolest underground project in Romania these last years. With a fresh, diverse style and well build sound, the guys manage to put out something new with each song they write. They started making music out of passion. They experimented to learn how music gets made anyway? Thus they ended up creating Satellites.

Before joining up, each of them had different projects such as Schlitz (Cosmin) and works with different DJs (Chap)

Satellites is a noise-pop band with influences ranging from different styles. They just entered their fourth year of activity. They celebrated this with a new EP called "Inhale". The album could be a history of the band, as it brings together the initial style they had along with the new sound with which you'll get more acquainted to in the future.

They never established a niche sound. Cosmin likes to experiment a lot and most of the sounds that he plays with eventually become songs. "I come to band practice with an idea or a structure or a riff that we then start "cooking with". From there, the process is organic, we season it after taste until we get to a final form. We may add a few recorded samples here and there. We don't know how Satellites will sound in the future, the sound will always be open and organic.

NERV with Satellites:

NERV started to work with Satellites in 2017. We found ourselves in their music and their vision on art and that is the main reason we asked them to work together.

Why does Satellites wear NERV?

"We worked with the people from NERV in the past when we were working with other musical groups but nothing of this caliber so far. Besides a succesful partnership, as time passed we also got closer and formed a very good personal relationship. It's a special thing to have the opportunity to work with nice people where the bussines side of things is not the most important thing and everything is out and transparent. Our current "uniforms" are conceived at NERV, and besides appreciating the quality of the materials used we also beneffited from their endless patience to our fusses. We are currently working on a new "uniform" and are very excited to see what we end up with."

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